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Deli food boxes

We produce folding food boxes, used in deli or grocery takeout stores. These containers are intended for the transport of food, even very warm food, from the store to your houses. They are all made with pure cellulose, free of any added harmful substance, as stated in the regulations in force.

Format Pcs/package
Calzoni - 33,5x16,10x10 100
Baguette - 16x40x6 100
Bruschette - 16x29x5 100
Asporto patate piccole - 11x14x5 300
Asporto patate grandi - 30x16x10 100
Asporto patate cestino - 15x13,5x6,5 100
Scatole triangolari - 32x32x3 200
Ventagli 300
Prendipizza 400
Borsone porta scatole 25
Rotoli carta ovatta 3,3kg 2
Rotoli carta cellulosa 3,3kg 2
Kebab panino - 13x15x8 100
Kebab lungo - 20x8,5x8 100
23x38x5 100
26x22x4 100
25x46x5 100
14x25x3 100
Take away box for club sandwiches - 20x18xh13 100
Box for whole chicken - 20x14x10 100
Box for half a chicken - 12x16x7 100

The products are made of vegetable paper for food which is compliant with the Italian Ministerial Decree of 21/03/73 and later changes.

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